Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board
Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board
Our mission is to promote genealogy and history by addressing the educational needs and interests of the Arizona genealogical community and the general public through cooperation with, and support of, member societies and individuals.
Our goal is to:
  • Improve communications among genealogical societies, libraries with genealogical collections, professionals, and the general public.
  • Express its concern regarding records preservation and public access to records.
  • Promote such special projects as the organization approves.
Membership is open to all genealogical societies, groups, libraries, professionals or individuals sharing these goals without taking autonomy from any organization or individual or acting in any supervisory capacity. AzGAB is a statewide non-profit organization

Operating Year: January - December 2018

President: Laurie Desmarais
Vice President: Kim Harrison
Secretary: Leslie Carney
Treasurer: Avis Calkins
Historian: Sally Pavia
Past President: Larry Lee
Standing Committee Chairs
AZ Pioneer Certificate: Betty Cook
AZ Project Registry: Connie Sheets
Legislative: Dennis Preisler., Ph.D.
Membership: Amy Urman.
Newsletter Editor: Betsy Howard
Nominating: Betsy Gottsponer
Public Relations/Social Media: Debe Branning
Publications: Peggy Morphew
AZ Council of Professional Gen: Robert Wilbanks., IV
Black Family History & Gen Soc: Larry Lee
Bouse Genealogical Society: Gloria Freeman.
Family History Soc of Arizona : John Buck.
Genealogical Society of Yuma: Betsy Gottsponer.
Green Valley Gen Society: Moreen Ferdie.
Northern AZ Genealogical Soc: Sue Kissel.
Pima Co. Gen Society: Amy Urman.
Pinal County Genealogists: Wendy Carlson.
West Valley Gen Society: Linda McCleary.
Az State Library, Archives: Dennis Preisler., Ph.D.
The McClelland Irish LIbrary: Chas Moore
ACGLP Co-Chair: Suzanne Brayer
Events Calendar: Betsy Howard
FGS Delegate: Betsy Howard
RPAC Liason: Linda McCleary
Webmaster: Richard Young