Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board
Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board
Our Objectives are to:
  • Facilitate communication among organizations and individuals who are dedicated to the promotion of genealogy and family history. 
  • Facilitate and foster an atmosphere for the opportunity to educate its members and the genealogical community with regard to information resources, standards, and ethics.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of information to its members with regard to the availability, the use, and the preservation.
  • Keep its members informed of the changes in legislation with regard to the preservation of records and the public access to those records. AzGAB shall express its concern regarding these issues where it is appropriate.
  • Undertake and promote such projects as the Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board of Directors approves.
Membership shall be open to any public or private society, group, library, museum, professional or individual researcher, and family historian sharing the purposes of this organization. Each member society shall retain its own autonomy as an organization.

Operating Year: January - December 2021

President: Linda Harris
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Barbara Brown
Treasurer: Betsy Howard
Historian: Linda McCleary
Past President: Kim Harrison
Standing Committee Chairs
AZ Pioneer Certificate: Peggy Morphew
Legislative: D. Sue Kissel
Membership: Richard Young
Newsletter Editor: Betsy Howard
Nominating: Betsy Gottsponer
Public Relations: Betsy Gottsponer
Publications: Vacant
Social Media: Debe Branning
AZ Council of Professional Gen: Richard Young (AzCPG)
Family History Soc of Arizona : Suzanne Brayer
Genealogical Society of Yuma: Betsy Gottsponer (GSYA)
Northern AZ Genealogical Soc: Sue Kissel (NAGS)
Southern AZ Genealogical Soc: Debra Kabinier (SAGS)
West Valley Gen Society: Linda McCleary (WVGS)
Az State Library, Archives: Betsy Howard (Archives)
ACGLP Co-Chair: Suzanne Brayer
Events Calendar: Betsy Howard
NGS Delegate: Vacant
RPAC Liason: Linda McCleary
Socal Media: Debe Branning
Web Manager: Richard Young