Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board
Arizona Genealogical Advisory Board
Arizona Second Wave Descendant Certificate Project
This certificate honors direct and collateral descendants/relatives of those who were residents of the state of Arizona between 15 February 1912 and 01 April 1950.
Certificates will be awarded to a descendant who submits evidence acceptable to AzGAB of:
  1. Relative's residence in the area
  2. Applicant's relationship
Upon approval of documentation, the names of the ancestor and the applicant will be printed on a certificate, suitable for framing.
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A $25.00 fee is required for each ancestor.
If application is made at the same time for another descendant of the same ancestor, a $10.00 fee and evidence of the relationship will be required for each descendant.
For any additional descendants, complete copies of all documentation for the initial application must be submitted along with the additional documents needed to link the additional descendant to the pioneer.
If an application is not approved, the fee will be returned minus $5 for processing.
Note: We are all volunteers. If a certificate is needed by a certain date, please notify the chairperson.
Applications should be mailed to:
Peggy Morphew, APDC Administrator
PO Box 5641
Mesa, AZ 85211-5641